Patrick E. Farrell


Early-career colleagues


CV & publication list   
(updated 2021-08-03)


Postdoctoral research associates

Jack Betteridge
Jack Betteridge.
Funded on EPSRC grant Gen X: ExCALIBUR working group on Exascale continuum mechanics through code generation.

DPhil students

Ioannis Papadopoulos
Ioannis Papadopoulos.
Topic: computing multiple solutions of topology optimisation problems.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli.


Gonzalo Gonzalez de Diego
Gonzalo Gonzalez de Diego.
Topic: contact problems in glaciology.
Co-supervised with Ian Hewitt.


Pablo Brubeck
Pablo Brubeck.
Topic: preconditioners for spectral/hp discretisations.


Nicolas Boullé
Nicolas Boullé.
Topic: optimal control of bifurcation structure.
Co-supervised with Marie Rognes.


Fabian Laakmann
Fabian Laakmann.
Topic: robust preconditioners for magnetohydrodynamics.


Francis Aznaran
Francis Aznaran.
Topic: finite element discretisations and preconditioners in solid mechanics.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli.


Alexander Van-Brunt
Alexander Van-Brunt.
Topic: finite element methods for the Onsager-Stefan-Maxwell mass transport equations.
Co-supervised with Charles Monroe.

MSc and undergraduate students

Geoffrey Gachemi
Geoffrey Gachemi.
Topic: goal-oriented error estimation in bifurcation analysis.
Funded by a Mfano Africa virtual mentorship.


Isaac Newell
Isaac Newell.
Topic: bifurcation analysis of two coupled 3D Bose-Einstein condensates.
Funded by an LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary.


Florian Wechsung
Florian Wechsung.
Topic: shape optimisation and robust solvers for incompressible flow. DPhil viva: 2019-09-23.
Next step: a postdoc with Georg Stadler at NYU.


Matteo Croci
Matteo Croci.
Topic: multilevel Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty quantification in brain simulations. DPhil viva: 2020-01-20.
Co-supervised with Mike Giles and Marie Rognes.
Next step: a postdoc with Mike Giles in Oxford.


Hamza Alawiye
Hamza Alawiye.
Topic: Wrinkling instabilities: modelling, analysis and computation. DPhil viva: 2020-09-25.
Co-supervised with Alain Goriely.
Next step: a Heilbronn fellowship at the University of Bristol.


Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco
Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco.
Topic: Numerical analysis of implicitly constituted incompressible fluids: mixed formulations. DPhil viva: 2020-10-19.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli.
Next step: a postdoc with Enrique Zuazua in Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Jingmin Xia
Jingmin Xia.
Topic: Computational and analytical aspects of energy minimisation problems in cholesteric, ferronematic and smectic liquid crystals. DPhil viva: 2021-06-01.
Next step: a permanent lectureship at the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, China.


Thomas Roy
Thomas Roy.
Postdoctoral topic: nonlinear solvers in reservoir models.
Next step: a postdoc with Victor Beck at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Alberto Paganini
Alberto Paganini.
Postdoctoral topic: shape optimisation.
Next steps: a departmental lectureship in Oxford, then a permanent lectureship at the University of Leicester.


Teresa Kyrke-Smith
Teresa Kyrke-Smith.
Postdoctoral topic: inverse problems in glaciology, co-advised with Hilmar Gudmundsson at the British Antarctic Survey.
Next step: HM Civil Service.