Patrick E. Farrell




CV & publication list   
(updated 2024-01-24)


Computational Mathematics

I lecture Prelims (first year) Computational Mathematics and Constructive Mathematics. I think the lecture notes for Computational Mathematics are a nice introduction to Python for mathematicians; check out the automated derivation of the equations of motion from its Hamiltonian in Chapter 13.

Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations

In previous years I lectured the C6.4 Finite Element Methods for PDEs course for Part C (fourth-year), MSc, and DPhil students. The video lectures, lecture notes, and lecture slides are publicly available.

Numerical Bifurcation Analysis

Here are some lecture slides on numerical bifurcation analysis I gave at the 2023 Kácov school.

Solving Partial Differential Equations with Firedrake

Here are some lecture slides on solving PDEs with Firedrake I gave at ICERM in 2024. Some of the codes are available in this github repository.