Patrick E. Farrell




CV & publication list   
(updated 2024-01-24)


Visiting research fellows

Maryam Parvizi
Maryam Parvizi.
Visiting Apr 2023 to Apr 2024, funded by a Humboldt Fellowship and Leibniz University Hannover.
Diego Hayashi Alonso
Diego Hayashi Alonso.
Visiting Jan 2024 to Dec 2024, funded by FAPESP.

Postdoctoral research associates

Pablo Brubeck
Pablo Brubeck.
Funded on EPSRC grant SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at Exascale.


Jack Betteridge
Jack Betteridge.
Funded on EPSRC grant SysGenX: Composable software generation for system-level simulation at Exascale.

DPhil students

Boris Andrews
Boris Andrews.
Topic: structure-preserving discretisations in time.
Co-supervised with Wayne Arter.


Aaron Baier-Reinio
Aaron Baier-Reinio.
Topic: discretisations for multicomponent flow.


Mingdong He
Mingdong He.
Topic: preconditioners in fluid mechanics.


Kars Knook
Kars Knook.
Topic: preconditioners in multicomponent flows.


India Marsden
India Marsden.
Topic: compiler techniques for exotic finite element discretisations.


Umberto Zerbinati
Umberto Zerbinati.
Topic: modelling and discretisation of smectic liquid crystals.


DPhil graduates

Florian Wechsung
Florian Wechsung.
Topic: shape optimisation and robust solvers for incompressible flow. DPhil viva: 2019-09-23.
Next step: a postdoc with Georg Stadler at NYU.


Matteo Croci
Matteo Croci.
Topic: multilevel Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty quantification in brain simulations. DPhil viva: 2020-01-20.
Co-supervised with Mike Giles and Marie Rognes.
Next step: a postdoc with Mike Giles in Oxford, then with Karen Willcox at UT Austin.


Hamza Alawiye
Hamza Alawiye.
Topic: Wrinkling instabilities: modelling, analysis and computation. DPhil viva: 2020-09-25.
Co-supervised with Alain Goriely.
Next step: a Heilbronn fellowship at the University of Bristol.


Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco
Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco.
Topic: Numerical analysis of implicitly constituted incompressible fluids: mixed formulations. DPhil viva: 2020-10-19.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli.
Next step: a postdoc with Enrique Zuazua in Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Jingmin Xia
Jingmin Xia.
Topic: Computational and analytical aspects of energy minimisation problems in cholesteric, ferronematic and smectic liquid crystals. DPhil viva: 2021-06-01.
Next step: a permanent lectureship at the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, China.


Ioannis Papadopoulos
Ioannis Papadopoulos.
Topic: Computing multiple solutions of topology optimization problems. DPhil viva: 2021-09-24.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli. Next step: a postdoc with Sheehan Olver at Imperial College London, then a Dirichlet fellowship at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin.


Nicolas Boullé
Nicolas Boullé.
Topic: Data-driven discovery of Green's functions. DPhil viva: 2022-08-30.
Co-supervised with Marie Rognes and Alex Townsend. Next step: an INI-Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Cambridge.


Fabian Laakmann
Fabian Laakmann.
Topic: Discretisations and preconditioners for magnetohydrodynamics models. DPhil viva: 2022-09-20.
Next step: Machine Learning Mathematics Engineer with ASML.


Francis Aznaran
Francis Aznaran.
Topic: Discretisation of Hodge Laplacians in the elasticity complex. DPhil viva: 2022-09-28.
Co-supervised with Endre Süli. Next step: an independent EPSRC postdoctoral position in the Mathematical Institute.


Alexander Van-Brunt
Alexander Van-Brunt.
Topic: Finite element methods for the Onsager-Stefan-Maxwell equations. DPhil viva: 2022-10-07.
Co-supervised with Charles Monroe. Next step: Research engineer at Bosch, Sunnyvale, California.


Pablo Brubeck
Pablo Brubeck.
Topic: Optimal complexity and robust multigrid methods for high-order FEM. DPhil viva: 2023-02-15. Next step: a postdoctoral research associate position with me.


Gonzalo Gonzalez de Diego
Gonzalo Gonzalez de Diego.
Topic: Viscous contact problems in glaciology. DPhil viva: 2023-09-05.
Co-supervised with Ian Hewitt. Next step: a postdoctoral position with Georg Stadler at NYU.

Postdoctoral alumni

Duygu Sap
Duygu Sap.
Funded on EPSRC grant PRISM: Platform for Research in Simulation Methods.


Thomas Roy
Thomas Roy.
Postdoctoral topic: nonlinear solvers in reservoir models.
Next step: a postdoc with Victor Beck, then an appointment as Staff Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Alberto Paganini
Alberto Paganini.
Postdoctoral topic: shape optimisation.
Next steps: a departmental lectureship in Oxford, then a permanent lectureship at the University of Leicester.


Teresa Kyrke-Smith
Teresa Kyrke-Smith.
Postdoctoral topic: inverse problems in glaciology, co-advised with Hilmar Gudmundsson at the British Antarctic Survey.
Next step: HM Civil Service.


Other alumni and visitors

Panos Kevrekidis
Panos Kevrekidis.
Topic: bifurcation analysis of Bose-Einstein condensates.
2019 Leverhulme Visiting Professorship.


Àlex Ferrer
Àlex Ferrer.
Visited Jul 2022 to Jul 2023, funded by a grant from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Catalan government.


Geoffrey Gachemi
Geoffrey Gachemi.
Topic: goal-oriented error estimation in bifurcation analysis.
2021 Summer project funded by a Mfano Africa virtual mentorship. Next step: continuing as a lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya.


Isaac Newell
Isaac Newell.
Topic: bifurcation analysis of two coupled 3D Bose-Einstein condensates.
2021 Summer project funded by an LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary. Next step: a DPhil scholarship at the Mathematical Institute with Luc Nguyen and Gui-Qiang Chen.


Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson.
Topic: multigrid preconditioners for the Onsager-Stefan-Maxwell equations.
2022 MMSC project. Next step: a research assistantship with Samar Khatiwala and Coralia Cartis.